Do It Yourself Non Slip Coatings

Slip No More Store - DIY BottleSlip No More’s Do It Yourself anti slip flooring treatment kit creates an invisible tread on slippery floors that significantly increases the co-efficient of friction providing the treated surfaces with a safe and efficient grip. It significantly reduces the problem of dangerous surfaces in wet conditions.

One kit contains:

  • 1 litre of Anti Slip treatment
  • 1 litre Cleaner of our Cleaner & Maintainer

This will allow you to treat an area of up to 10 square metres/100 square feet. The handy trigger pack makes it easy to apply and can be applied by pretty much anyone.

The Slip No More Do It Yourself Anti Slip Flooring Treatment kit is recommended for household use and for areas smaller than 40 square metres/400 square feet. Just one application will ensure that the slip resistance of your tiled floor will be dramatically increased as well as last for up to 3 years.

Should you not want to apply the product yourself, please Contact Us to find out if we have a distributor in your area.

For full instructions on how to apply the Do It Yourself Anti Slip Flooring Treatment kit, here is a short video that has helped thousands of users.